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Housekeeping Companies in Vadodara/Baroda/Ankleshwar

housekeeping companies
  • Restaurant Kitchen items to clean throughout every cooking shift
  • Brush grill between cooking red meat, poultry & fish.
  • Wipe down the line & prep areas.
  • Switch cutting boards / Empty trash bins.
  • Change sanitizing water & cleaning rags.

  • Restaurant kitchen items to clean after each cooking shift
  • Clean the fryers, brush the grill, wash floor mats.
  • Empty sanitizing buckets, Empty steam table & clean.
  • Put all cleaning rags in dirty laundry.
  • Put all aprons & chefs coats in laundry (not with cleaning rags)
  • Wash & sanitize all surfaces Sweep & mop the kitchen floor.

  • Daily Restaurant Kitchen cleaning list
  • Clean out grease traps, the cabinet front, and the countertops.
  • Change foil linings of grill ,range & flattops, Wash the can opener
  • Run hood filters through the dishwasher.
  • The cabinets & drawers ,the sink ,the stove top, the burner grates.

  • Weekly Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning List
  • Clean chimneys ,flues & connecting pipes using power & hand tools.
  • Empty reach in coolers & wash & sanitize them.
  • Deli me sinks & faucets ,Oil cast iron cookware.
  • Clean coffee Machine, clean the ovens, Sharpen knives.
  • Use drain cleaners on floor drain.

  • Monthly Restaurant Kitchen List
  • Wash behind the hot line (Oven ,stove,frayers ) to cut down on grease build up.
  • Clean Freezers ,Empty & sanitize the ice machine.
  • Calibrate ovens ,Calibrate thermometers, Sharpen the meat & cheese slicer.
  • Wash walls & Ceilings ,wipe down the dry storage area.
  • Change any pest traps ,Restock your first aid kit.

  • Yearly Restaurant Kitchen List
  • Clean hoods & vents twice in a year.
  • Clean pilot lights on gas kitchen equipment (Be sure to follow the manufacturers instruction)

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